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National Mentoring Month

January is National Mentoring Month. A good mentor is there to support, listen and develop meaningful relationships. CASA volunteers often take on the role of a mentor, in addition to that of an advocate, in the lives of the children in our communities.  CASA volunteers are appointed to youth who have suffered abuse and/or neglect. 

Children in foster care can often face uncertainties and hardship as they navigate through both the foster care and court system. CASA advocates are trained and supervised as they strive to be the caring and compassionate mentor that kids need. It is important for children to have positive role models to make responsible choices, stay in school, avoid high risk behavior and lead successful, healthy lives. 

According to students with mentors have much lower truancy rates: They’re 52% less likely to skip school compared to their peers. They also earn higher grades, and the likelihood that they will participate in after-school activities is 81% greater.The likelihood of an at-risk youth enrolling in college is 55% greater for those who have a mentor in their lives and having a mentor makes a child 46% less likely to try illegal drugs and 27% less likely to try alcohol.

At CASA our recruitment team constantly trains people to be a trusted friend and advocate to children in foster care who have been victimized by abuse. CASA advocates are supported every way by Volunteer Managers who comprise the organization’s program staff.

Help break the cycle of abuse and become a CASA volunteer today. We are specially in need of male advocates who are fully commited to help a child navigate through life. 

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