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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

CASA's Board of Directors is charged with fiscal oversight and ensuring adequate resources to accomplish CASA's core mission. This includes ensuring legal and ethical integrity, providing oversight of the Executive Director, strengthening programs through active participation in planning, and enhancing CASA's public standing.

  • Guy Pedelini, President

    President of Double Black Human Capital Solutions

  • Ben Stoltzfoos, Vice President

    Commercial Banker at Traditions Bank

  • Steve Russell, Esq., Secretary

    Co-Manager of the Emerald Finance and Banking Innovation Fund

  • Elizabeth Brennan, Treasurer

    Chief Financial Officer at United Disabilities Services Foundation

  • Lucille Meissner

    Tax Preparer at A. Lucille Meissner

  • Barbara Kavanaugh

    Executive Assistant at Clark Associates

  • Tracy Sturla

    Account Director at Atlas Marketing

  • Samantha Claar

    Audit Services Group Manager at RKL, LLP

  • Debra Stratton

    Senior Business Development Executive at St. Onge Company

  • Dave Walker

    Partner at Appel, Yost & Zee, LLP

  • John Tornfelt

    Professor at Nazareth Evangelical Theological Seminary

  • Angel Rosario

    Vice President of Business Development at Pursuit

  • Patricia Verdon

    Chief Financial Officer at Vista Autism Services