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Give Monthly: 5 on the 5th

Become a Monthly Donor with 5 on the 5th!

$5 may not seem like a lot of money, but it goes a long way to help children in Lancaster and Lebanon County's foster care systems.

$5 a month enables us to continue our mission of providing a qualified and compassionate volunteer advocate to each child in the foster care system who needs one. $5 helps us screen and train each advocate, and provide them with ongoing support so they can be the best possible advocate for the children who need it most.

Did you know your $5 can go even further when you share this campaign with friends and family?

You can double or triple your impact by simply sharing with anyone you know! You can also go above and beyond by pledging $15 or $25 each month, or any monthly amount of your choice.

When you click the button to donate, you can choose your monthly amount. You can also check the box below the amount to make sure it's a monthly recurring donation.

"Your involvement in a child's life at such a scary and uncertain time is priceless. These children need a consistent, caring, and dedicated adult in their corner to help them develop the resiliency to overcome the challenges they are facing." - Janelle, CASA Volunteer